For over two centuries, the Château de Plassac has built a reputation of fine Cognac producer from grapes grown in the property’s own vineyards, located at the boundary between Fins Bois and Bons Bois. The entire production process, from the harvest to the distillation in the original Alembic and the maturation are carried out within the property’s walls, which provides a slightly higher temperature than anywhere else. The combination of calcareous soil and warm oceanic climate enriches the white grapes which will later become a unique Cognac with an exceptional fullness on the nose and palate.

With its own Ugni Blanc and Colombard vines, the Chateau de Plassac produces two exquisite Cognacs, the 12 year old Napoleon and the 17 year old XO.

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Cognac XO, signature of the winery, presented in a beautiful luxury box, offers vanilla, spicy and exotic notes, round and ample. One of the rare to be appreciated along a full meal. The carafe is nice and elegant with a gold serigraphy showing the castle and the Dampierre coat of arms. The XO is just splendid, aged of 23 to 24 years, it is definitely the...