Cognac Napoléon

Obviously a little younger, than the XO, it is close to ideal for a first  contact with Cognac.
His age give this bottle (or rather his content) a good balance of Harmony Taste/flavour blended with fine aromas.
We offer this cognac in a traditional Charentaise bottle stumped with the Graaf Dampierre coat of arms. This cognac is the base of very refined cocktails and the guarantee of a tasting of superior quality.
Napoleon cognac is clear in the mouth with aromas of fresh and light pear and caramelized apples, but this spirit have a nice structure.


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An easy-to-drink, supple, aromatic brandy. Perfect for an introduction to Cognac.

Tasting Notes from the International Sommelier for Napoleon Cognac at Château de Plassac :

Visual aspect :

Golden hue

Nose :

Fine, delicate, vanilla-scented, aromatic, woody

Palate :

Fat, exotic, spicy. Soft finish on medium length.

Gourmet pairings :

Duck breast with mango chutney

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