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The Château de Plassac

Propriété familiale depuis plus de deux siècles

The Chateau de Plassac, located in the Cognac region, has been owned by the Dampierre family for the last 250 years spanning eight generations. It is a beautiful domain of 200 hectares surrounded by a 4.5 km long ancient wall dedicated to the production of one of the most exclusive Cognacs in the world.

The beautiful Chateau de Plassac is the jewel of the Cognac region. Its architect, Victor Louis, who also designed the plans for the Palais Royal in Paris and the great theatre in Bordeaux, considered Plassac to be one of the most beautiful 18th century property in the area. In the past, the Chateau de Plassac was visited by some of the most remarkable figures in France, the Duchess de Berry, mother of the Count de Chambord, pretender to the throne of France, stayed at the Chateau de Plassac during her epic attempt to bring her son on to the throne. Some years later, the Empress Eugenia de Montijo, wife of the Emperor Napoleon III, enjoyed spending her summer holidays in the Chateau.

chateau de plassac
chateau de plassac
The Chateau de Plassac is also a wine estate where the Counts de Dampierre have always produced Wine and Spirits. In the late 19th century, the Count Elie strongly promoted the Cognac appellation and contributed significantly to the fame of the name ‘Cognac’ in the region and worldwide. This legacy of expertise and knowledge in making Cognac has been handed down through eight successive generations and today Counts Audoin and Henri de Dampierre, oversee every stage of the production of wine and Cognac.

chateau de plassac

The Dampierre family

The Dampierre family, with its long and aristocratic history, is one of the oldest families in France.

They settled in the Cognac region at the end of the 18th century and the family has always combined two passions:
A passion for their Chateau, and a passion for Cognac.